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How robust is your network?

Who knows you and what you’re capable of? Networking should be a natural part of what you do as a professional, although it isn’t natural for many.  Networking is important before and during job searches.  Do you have a network of professionals who know you for your ability to use your skills in a variety […]

The Problem with Your Job Search and How To (Potentially) Solve It

Your Job Search Job searches can take more time than we prefer or can afford at times.  Finding a new job can seem to take an eternity if you’ve lost your job and need to be employed now.  Depending upon the conditions in which you became unemployed, you may have received a severance package or […]

Stay Relevant in the Job Market by Understanding Your Career Life Cycle

How Relevant are You in Today’s Job Market?   Much is being discussed these days about how to remain relevant (and employable) in such a competitive job market.  I participated in a pilot program offered by the Indiana University Alumni Association about a year ago and was exposed to the idea that understanding and being able to tell […]

Personal Branding: Sustaining Your Brand

Personal Branding Can Work When You Sustain Yourself   Many of us allow ourselves to feel pressure to constantly do more and more.  When we accept these pressures eventually they manifest into action or stress (or a combination of both), affecting us and our personal brand.  Sometimes the best thing to do is stop – […]

New Initiative Promotes Hiring Our Military Veterans

Hiring Our Military Veterans   Thank you to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Toyota, and Sergeant Dakota Meyer for partnering to create programming to help veterans translate their military experience into civilian equivalents using personal branding tools.  Now is the time to focus on hiring our military veterans.  Unemployment statistics, industries in decline, and […]

Social Media for Your Job Search Toolkit

Social Media Must Be in Your Job Search Toolkit   If you are working to develop your personal brand and strengthen a job search, social media must be included in your job search toolkit.  Use technology to expand your reach and share your talents as broadly as possible. While a job search is a tremendous […]

The Executive Job Search and Your Brand Identity

Executive Job Search   High profile executives are realizing the value of personal branding to their executive job search.  The ways in which you express yourself and how you communicate impact your success in making emotional connections with others.  You send messages to others with the choices you make including everything from what you wear, […]

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Your Brand Reputation

How Important is Your Brand Reputation?   Are you known for consistently adding value?  Your personal brand is your brand reputation which develops from the interactions others have with you and their perception of you. One way in which you can be known for adding value involves being an ambassador for an organization.  Within organizations […]

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Personal Branding for Job Seekers

Be Unique: Stand Out Against Your Peers   Have you considered personal branding for job seekers?  Does it help or hurt us when we attempt to “fit in” and obey the rules?  Now consider, what about you stands out and communicates your value in an obvious but not obnoxious way?  Be Unique and Get the […]

Personal Branding Begins with Knowing Yourself

Begin to Brand You Many of us go through the various exercises throughout our careers to “discover” what we’re drawn to and frankly, what we’re good at. Personal branding begins with knowing yourself. Knowing yourself begins with understanding what positions you to be the most content and productive. To better understand what matters to you […]