The Problem with Your Job Search and How To (Potentially) Solve It

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Your Job Search

Job searches can take more time than we prefer or can afford at times.  Finding a new job can seem to take an eternity if you’ve lost your job and need to be employed now.  Depending upon the conditions in which you became unemployed, you may have received a severance package or assistance to help with your transition – that’s great if this is the case.  Many receive no additional benefits and at times, little notice and they join the millions of unemployed looking (and competing) for work.

Typical steps taken during a job search

You may be someone who has taken the steps most job seekers take during the search for employment.  Typical job search steps involve:

  • Updating your resume and cover letter templates
  • Searching and applying online using major job search sites including,, and others.
  • Telling friends, family, and other professionals of your availability and job search
  • Participating in the services offered by local employment agencies
  • Joining or increasing your activity on social networking sites such as LinkedIn

More aggressive job searches

You may have elevated your activities and invested more time, money, and energy in your job search than what’s invested in a typical job search.  Elevated searches can involve:

  • Becoming active in professional associations
  • Securing the services of a recruiter
  • Devoting numerous hours daily to your job search (searching online, reviewing company information, customizing cover letters, practicing interviewing, and applying online via job boards or directly via company websites)

For some job seekers a combination of these techniques are effective.  Others (this may be you) are frustrated because they’ve been working on their job search for what they consider to be a long time and have done what they believe to be the best steps to take to secure a new job but to no avail – the new job they seek has not been secured.

Job losses, competition for talent, increased workloads and anxiety

All of us have been impacted in some way as a result of the economic changes that have occurred during the past few years.  We’ve seen a significant increase in job losses, heightened competition for talent, and an increase in the workloads and anxiety levels of many who are still employed.  Demographic changes and regulation are anticipated to have a significant impact on the workforce and opportunities of the future.  Technology will continue advance and impact future opportunities as well.

Consider the following:

  • Job seekers are competing differently (recruiters, networking, social media, etc.)
  • Baby boomer generation and retirement, learn more HERE.
  • Health care, immigration, and other regulations, learn more HERE.

So What is the Problem with Your Job Search and How Can You (Potentially) Solve It?

The Problem with Your Job Search

It may be time to consider alternatives if traditional and even aggressive job search techniques have not worked for you.  Up to this point you may have been focused on the more traditional job search techniques perhaps integrating social media and even online networking.  The problem with your job search may reside in the fact that you are taking many of the same traditional steps that other job seekers take instead of elevating your job search with techniques that you can combine strategically and leverage them to realize greater impact than if they were taken independent of one another.  If you have been unsuccessful up to this point, I suggest that you consider a new approach or at least one that involves supplementing you current efforts.  Again, I am not guaranteeing that the techniques I’m offering will secure you a position – I am suggesting that you consider them in the context of your situation and decide whether or not you will try them.

How to (Potentially) Solve the Problem with Your Job Search

Oftentimes we search for solutions from others, on the Internet, and from a variety of sources that are external to ourselves.  We also rely on traditional methods and attempt to minimize risk or take the path that requires the least amount of effort and resources.  I am suggesting that you leverage what is available (and internal) to you including:


Job Search Foundation
Job Search Foundation

Proactive professional development, personal branding, and networking are all aspects that impact your job search that you can leverage to your benefit. You can take ownership for your success!


Proactive Professional Development – Have you assumed responsibility for your careerIf you are employed, are you letting your employment situation dictate your focus?  Or do you simply tell yourself you’re too busy to add anything more to your schedule?  If you’re not proactively managing your career don’t be surprised when you’re not promoted or considered for vacancies.

Professionals too often rely on their organizations to manage their careers. 

Yes, feedback and professional development opportunities from your work environment are extremely valuable.  They can serve to align your efforts, leverage your strengths, and improve your weakness while helping you maintain or exceed performance expectations.  You may be doing your career a disservice if you rely on such feedback and professional development opportunities in isolation.  I believe that everyone should, “BE SIMPLYREADY™ For the Life of Your Career, Not Just the Job You’re In”.  Learn more HERE.

Your Personal Brand ­ – Personal branding can help you in your career.  In order to hire you or recommend that someone else does people need to know you and like youboth of which are impacted by your ability to communicate how you can add value.  Think “Know Me, Like Me, Pay Me”.

Whether you realize it or not YOU are a brand and a range of aspects represent your brand and your job search. Your history, both personal and professional, should be leveraged to help tell your brand story. Consider how often job seekers attempt to match their experience, skills, and abilities with the requirements in a vacancy announcement. If you do this, do not think you are positioning yourself to stand out from the numerous cover letters and resumes received by recruiters. What makes you unique will most likely attract attention so it’s critical to be able to communicate through a variety of mediums your compelling value proposition.  Personal branding impacts your job search.  Google yourself – what did you find?  Are you “digitally distinctive”?  Learn more HERE.   Access our free toolkit HERE.

Networking – Do you have a network of professionals who know you for your ability to use your skills in a variety of roles across industries? Remember it’s not just who you know—it’s who knows you and what you’re capable of. If you are employed and cutbacks were to occur at your company, would they avoid letting you go? Are you someone who does a “good” job but isn’t well known? Can you really afford not to position yourself for being known for the work you’ve done and for the work you’re capable of?  Learn more HERE.

Yes, I’m proposing that proactive professional development, personal branding, and networking can potentially solve the problem with your job search.  These are all areas in which you can be proactive and take steps that position you for long term success.  It takes time to develop a robust network and a plan for managing your professional development and personal brand but there’s no better time than now to start.  Even if you are not unemployed today or contemplating a job or career change, when the time comes you will be better prepared and will have most likely invested your time and money in activities that have a cumulative, long term effect.

Tuesday Strong
Tuesday Strong


Contact me at to get started today.  I dropped out of school at fifteen; worked full-time since I was sixteen; and completed four college degrees.  I am proof positive that taking responsibility for your development can have tremendous results. Click HERE to review my credentials.



DISCLAIMER:  I am not guaranteeing that if you take the steps offered here that you will get a job.  I am offering additional techniques that you may try – you must decide what actions are appropriate for your situation. 


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