The Executive Job Search and Your Brand Identity

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Executive Job Search


High profile executives are realizing the value of personal branding to their executive job search.  The ways in which you express yourself and how you communicate impact your success in making emotional connections with others.  You send messages to others with the choices you make including everything from what you wear, the technology you use, and even with the company you keep.  How you present yourself matters.  Brand identity appeals to the senses.

Every interaction you have with others is an opportunity to build your brand by increasing familiarity and trust using your brand identity. 

For professionals, your brand identity can be leveraged to remind others of who you are and how you add value.  Your brand identity can help differentiate you from others and draw attention to your unique qualities. 

Your brand identity will evolve over time and will need invested in and updated to keep pace with your career changes.  Equally important will be deciding your brand identity strategy and how you will express it.  This is important whether you are developing your brand or trying to leverage it during an executive job search.  The audiences you seek to connect with today will no doubt differ from who you will want to connect with in the future.  Be deliberate and consistent with fonts and colors and use all elements consistently online and offline.  Basic investments for professionals striving to establish a brand identity involve:

–     Business cards;

–     Email signatures;

–     A professional head shot; and

–     Letterhead, envelopes, labels, and presentation and memo templates.

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