Social Media for Your Job Search Toolkit

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Social Media Must Be in Your Job Search Toolkit


If you are working to develop your personal brand and strengthen a job search, social media must be included in your job search toolkit.  Use technology to expand your reach and share your talents as broadly as possible. While a job search is a tremendous amount of pressure and work, you can decrease the pressure by working with what you have and use:

–     Your story

–     Brand identity

–     Social media

Never underestimate the value of in person connections.  Devote time to establishing new and strengthening existing relationships at every opportunity.  Set goals to strengthen and expand your network.  Doing so provides you with valuable professional connections and friendships while providing you endless opportunities to practice communicating your story and your brand identity.

The Internet and social media offer various ways to connect in addition to providing a platform for learning and growth.  They also provide access to talent and opportunities that were previously unimaginable.

Get started today.  If you haven’t already, sign up for LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter—remember to work within your comfort zones.  It’s better to sign up and engage on a social network than to sign up and not engage.  Give yourself time and discover what works for you.  Networking and social media are critical in your job search toolkit.

Remember you are unique; appreciate and express it.  

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