Consulting Services

Performance Management

Would it help your management and employees if they received clear guidance and regular feedback about their performance? Would it help if your organization’s performance expectations were clearly aligned with your strategic plan? Do you dread performance related conversations? We’ll help by identifying the root cause of your challenges and developing plans to overcome them. We’ll work with you to create simple ways to offer feedback that directly relates to the goals in your strategic plan and individual unit. We can also help you prepare for difficult performance related conversations and guide you through developing the processes needed to manage performance fairly and consistently.

Workforce Training And Development Needs Assessments

Labor force problems remain severe and unmet labor demands continue to stifle growth expectations. And while we have witnessed a slight reentrance into the workforce; countless others resist, resulting in significantly lower participation rates than a decade ago (U.S. Department of Labor). Companies continue to do more with less but at what cost? They also struggle with skills mismatch, failing to have the right talent in the right positions at the right time. The ever-increasing costs associated with talent require a new approach, one that improves productivity and enables growth. It is appealing to look for short-term solutions to talent related challenges. However, another approach may help organizations and communities reap benefits in both the short-and-long-term. To improve, if not completely resolve the skills mismatch challenge, we need to identify the skills needed by employers and then develop training and professional development programs to upskill talent as needed. The first step in this solution involves a workforce training and development needs assessment. Then, companies, communities, and providers can use a data-informed approach to decision-making that promotes the creation of programs tailored to fluctuating regional, community, and organizational needs.

Results-based Training Program Development

To maintain competitiveness, you need training programs designed to upskill your talent. Our training programs equip your team with the skills they need now. Programs are customized to your needs, using real-world experience and best practices in training program design focused on developing the skills that are important to your organization.

Management Consulting, Professional & Management Development, Human Resources Consulting

We work with you to design organizational solutions ranging from strategy, operations, compliance, policy support, and more. We also have expertise in management consulting, software implementations, and business process optimization. We can review, update, and map your recruiting, performance management, and separation processes to ensure efficiency and compliance.