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You know you’re in the right place if you want to earn professional development hours (PDH) to fulfill your continuing education requirements for your professional engineering license.

FEATURED WEBINAR Communicating in a Global Context: Know Your Audience

This webinar was inspired by a conversation I had with a senior professional engineer, Kevin Forbes, who appreciates the importance of engineers being able to adapt their communication style and messaging to different audiences. Kevin is the Director of Engineering at the Indianapolis Airport Authority.
“If an engineer’s primary goal is ultimately to solve problems for society, this goal may not be fulfilled if engineers cannot communicate effectively. Engineers can develop great solutions, but if we cannot effectively explain to society a solution is safe and viable, then we have failed.” -Kevin Forbes, P.E.


Workforce Development

We work with communities, companies, non-profits, and other consultants to help bridge the skills gap, enabling job seekers to secure well-paying careers and employers access to new and prepared talent. We do this by:

  • Providing workforce training and development needs assessments to help clients identify and address performance gaps
  • Research opportunities and solutions to inform decision-making
  • Facilitate connections that bring stakeholders together to learn, collaborate, and address challenges
  • Design and implement training programs


Organizational Development

We partner with clients to assess performance, offer guidance, and create solutions to challenges. We offer content and process advice and partner with you to determine the best ways to implement changes.


Management Consulting

We work with you to design organizational solutions ranging from strategy, operations, compliance, policy support, business development, and more. We also have expertise in software implementations, and business process optimization.


Human Resources Consulting

We can review, update, and map your recruiting, performance management, and separation processes to ensure efficiency and compliance.


For individuals, in our sessions we explore what’s challenging you, and we will set goals and create plans to support weekly progress.

For organizations, hiring a coach is an investment in your team’s success and well-being. As a professionally trained coach, I partner with your team members to set realistic goals, develop practical action plans, and overcome challenges as they make measurable progress toward their desired outcomes.

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