Personal Branding: Sustaining Your Brand

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Personal Branding Can Work When You Sustain Yourself


Many of us allow ourselves to feel pressure to constantly do more and more.  When we accept these pressures eventually they manifest into action or stress (or a combination of both), affecting us and our personal brand.  Sometimes the best thing to do is stop – yes, stop and reflect, recharge, and then restart.  This is easier said than done for most of us because it seems so counterproductive.  Think for a moment how you feel when you’re attempting to “do it all”.  Perhaps frazzled, exhausted, or even unhappy—any of which can impact your personal brand—the brand you are working to strengthen and communicate.

REFLECT, RECHARGE, and RESTART:  Three Steps to Improving your Attitude and Productivity

There’s truth to be found in old sayings such as “haste makes waste”.  Have you ever found yourself attempting to multitask at an unrealistic pace only to run into a roadblock or discover you’ve made a mistake?  Sometimes the best thing to do is stop and finish later.


Sustaining your personal brand begins with sustaining yourself.  Start by reflecting upon your goals and deciding or reaffirming what you really want to accomplish.  Acknowledge the resources you have to support you.  Remember that factors outside of your control may impact your progress.  You may find it helpful to reflect upon the activities you’re attempting to complete and try and understand why they appeal to you.  Consider if they’ll help you reach your goals or if perhaps they’re indicating that you may want to change your goals.  Then update your goals.


Everyone recharges differently.  For some, recharging involves reconnecting with what matters most or helps keep you grounded.  Essentially this means spending time on what relaxes or invigorates you – maybe both.  You may think stopping to recharge consumes too much of your time but it could be exactly what you need so that when you do restart you’re performing more effortlessly and productively.

Those that know me know that I work too much.  I’m constantly trying to fulfill goals or add value which can be exhausting.  Fortunately, I’m aware of what recharges me.  For someone who is almost always working on something, redirecting my efforts is important.  Second to spending time with my husband, I’ve found that doing something creative or spending time in nature are the most relaxing and invigorating for me.


Recently I took care of our dog Max while my husband was out of town.  This was only my second time doing so in the years that we’d had him.  I knew I would “be on” and need to be upbeat to keep the little guy from moping around during my husband’s time away.  Day one, he was obviously not happy about my husband’s absence so I decided to uplift his spirits with new toys and treats (I know, not the best plan).  Day two, he was better as long as we were together constantly (also not the best for either of us).  Day three, the tides turned and I realized Max was taking care of me.  Sound crazy?  It’s not.  Ever the workaholic, I decided we would spend time outside and I’d work from the laptop on the deck while occasionally playing fetch with Max.

I started to work and then it happened.  I had the warm sun on my face and I heard the birds chirping constantly.  Then I noticed Max.  He was on his back rolling around in the yard for no apparent reason.  It was then that I realized that he was taking care of me—watching him made me realize that just stopping to relax can be a really good thing.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to stop what you normally do and do what relaxes or invigorates you.


Often the easiest thing to do is to what’s most familiar to us.  For those that work too much, this is like getting back into the same cycle that resulted in your needing to stop and recharge in the first place.  Successfully restarting may involve doing less than you were previously attempting.  A scaled back approach may be more realistic and prevent the same pressures from returning so soon.  Taking care of yourself and staying connected with what really matters impacts your piece of mind, productivity, and ultimately, your personal brand.      


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