What is Personal Branding?

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Personal Branding is Your Reputation

Personal branding is a combination of interactions and perceptions.

It involves every interaction others have with you and how they feel about you.  Every interaction people have with you is an opportunity to build or detract from your brand.

Personal Branding is about Trust and Relationships

There are many ways to build trust including being respectful, forgiving mistakes, and keeping confidences.  Equally important is following through with what you say you are going to do.

–     Relationships are important to everyone.

–     Relationships provide opportunities for you to add value.

–     Relationships are critical to your career.

Personal Branding:  Perceptions are Reality

A wide variety of factors impact our perceptions including our history, moods, and motives.  Celebrities and their staffs understand the power of perception.  They are usually very proactive and take action to influence perception.  What can you do to influence perceptions if you want others to perceive you as a professional with just the right experience, education, and abilities that make you a good fit for a position?  It begins with understanding how others perceive you and how their perceptions were developed.  Knowing yourself is critically important in this process.  Personal branding is not about giving false impressions.

Personal branding is about demonstrating how you add valueWhen you add value, you will be valued.

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