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How to Beat Stress

Beating Stress is Essential If you looked at the photographs on my camera right now, yes, camera not smartphone, you would find out a lot about me. You would find photos of woodpeckers, blue indigo’s, cardinals, chipmunks, and squirrels—lots of squirrels. Many people might be surprised to discover my newfound hobby. But they probably shouldn’t […]

Using Coping Mechanisms to Manage Fear

First, I’d like to give you a little background on Max, our beautiful, wonderful, almost human, little dog. Prior to our bringing Max home from the shelter about 10 years ago, this special little dog had experienced trauma. Over the years he has occasionally became quite frightened but once he gets frightened, we can usually […]

Approaching Forgiveness

Today I wanted to talk with you a little bit about approaching forgiveness. Many as of us have been in situations where someone needed to apologize, perhaps both parties needed to, and sometimes the apologies went well and relationships were mended or maybe the apologies never came. Accepting the Situation One of the things that […]

8 Ways to Change Negative Energy

Negative energy can wreak havoc on your mind and body, so being able to change your energy is critical to your health and wellness. When we think about negative energy and our desire to stop it, we need to consider the source or possible reasons for the negativity. We project our preconceived opinions on the […]

Four Questions to Sharpen Your Self-care Plan

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that we know what to do because we don’t do it. That’s partly because we put off doing things that we really don’t want to do. Some people decide to pick the low-hanging fruit and tackle what they know they can handle rather than attempting more difficult tasks, that is […]

Experiencing Happiness as You Pursue Your Life’s Purpose

4 Elements of Self-care that Compel Action To be happy, you need understanding—understanding of what happiness is and isn’t, and a commitment to making the time and effort to take care of yourself as you move through life. In 2019, after budget cuts at my place of employment, I found myself unemployed after 19 years […]

Why You Need to Take Responsibility for Your Happiness

Family, Friends, and Community Matter—But They Can’t Come First Some people believe that their job or friends are their most important priority. Others focus on family, business, or their studies. I know people who strive to have it all or do it all, they appear happiest when they complete the activities that they believe are […]

Mistakes We Make That Prevent Us From Being Really Happy

Most of us have happy memories. Memories of times we spent with loved ones passed, and times with loved ones that we still cherish in the here and now. And between the two, if we were lucky, we encountered countless others who also touched our lives. Growing Apart Have you ever wondered why you lost […]

How to Diffuse Miscommunication About Coronavirus

Originally published by Inside Indiana Business on March 2, 2020. Updates about the coronavirus are everywhere, even though much remains unknown. Workplaces are scrambling to gather information and make decisions. Leaders responsible for communicating about coronavirus have a major challenge. Tell your stakeholders what you know in an attempt to stay ahead of miscommunication or […]

Why We Can’t Ignore Stress

Stress is an important factor related to our overall health and well-being. Yet, surprisingly, many professionals try to ignore it until it cannot be ignored any longer. I’ve been there, done that, so I’ve identified a few aspects that might resonate with you. Reflect to Reduce Stress Relief from stress begins with reflection. That’s right. […]

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