Your Brand Reputation

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How Important is Your Brand Reputation?


Are you known for consistently adding value?  Your personal brand is your brand reputation which develops from the interactions others have with you and their perception of you.

One way in which you can be known for adding value involves being an ambassador for an organization.  Within organizations brand ambassadors are typically known for being value-added.

Anyone can be a brand ambassador – there’s no need for formal training or to wait to be asked by management.  The ability to communicate effectively makes brand ambassadors valuable and highly sought after resources.


Consider a middle manager seeking a new position.  If this manager can truly speak to the organization’s benefits they most likely understand the organization’s position within the marketplace and its’ competitors and their strengths.  Gaining this understanding likely involved discovering the organization’s weaknesses as well as their plans to improve them.  As a job seeker, you are your brand ambassador managing your brand reputation and you need to:

–     Understand your strengths and weaknesses;

–     Improve weaknesses;

–     Understand the competition; and

–     Highlight your strengths.

Savvy brand ambassadors have the advantage over other job seekers because they understand how to articulate value messages within professional and personal settings.  

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