Personal Branding Begins with Knowing Yourself

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Begin to Brand You

Many of us go through the various exercises throughout our careers to “discover” what we’re drawn to and frankly, what we’re good at. Personal branding begins with knowing yourself. Knowing yourself begins with understanding what positions you to be the most content and productive. To better understand what matters to you and what you can use to your advantage in your job search consider that our:

  • Values define what is valid and important to us in life.
  • Passions excite and fulfill us – they are what “light our fires”.
  • Knowledge is a body of information that is acquired over time. For job seekers this involves self knowledge, knowledge of others, and knowledge of the market.
  • Skills are what we can do. Effective job searches require you to understand your strengths and competency levels for each skill.
  • Abilities are special talents or personal qualities that impact our performance.
  • Constraints include the factors that prevent or limit us. For example, you may lack the knowledge, skills, or abilities to work in a particular field and you may need additional training or experience to remove the constraint. For others, constraints could involve traveling within limited distances or working certain hours due to other obligations.

Personal Branding is Your Reputation

Personal branding is a combination of interactions and perceptions.
It involves every interaction others have with you and how they feel about you. Every interaction people have with you is an opportunity to build or detract from your brand.

Every professional should understand that personal branding on a very basic level involves being able to communicate your value to others.  By doing so, you position yourself to be exceptional.

Exceptional individuals attract attention and opportunities.

Personal branding is a must for job seekers and includes three basic key elements that can help you manage your personal brand.  They are:

  • Your Story
  • Your Brand Identity
  • Social Media

Personal Branding Matters

Personal branding can help you in your career.  In order to hire you or recommend that someone else does people need to know you and like youboth of which are impacted by your ability to communicate how you can add value.  Think “Know Me, Like Me, Pay Me”.  Personal branding begins with knowing yourself.


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