Personal Branding for Job Seekers

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personal branding

Be Unique: Stand Out Against Your Peers


Have you considered personal branding for job seekers?  Does it help or hurt us when we attempt to “fit in” and obey the rules?  Now consider, what about you stands out and communicates your value in an obvious but not obnoxious wayBe Unique and Get the Job! is an excellent resource for job seekers.  While many use to search for positions, these same job seekers may overlook the ability to use to determine how many job seekers are located in the area in which they are interested and how these job seekers are presenting their qualifications.  This information is available by searching resumes on

As of July 4, 2012, the unemployment rate was 5.4% for zip code 46032, and 21,433 resumes were posted on  Customizing this same search we discovered that of the 21,433 resumes posted, 1,900+ listed that they have a master’s degree.

While there are many industry and professional norms we need to adhere to, doing so doesn’t mean you can’t express your individuality and use your uniqueness to your advantage.

You should understand how others present themselves if you want to stand out among others with qualifications similar to yours.  Be unique – try personal branding for job seekers today!

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