Month: February 2012

Brand Ambassadors are a Win-Win

Brand Ambassadors:  Good for Individuals and Organizations   Traditionally brand ambassadors were thought to be sales or marketing representatives. With the ever increasing attention on branding, organizations are discovering the value of recognizing that everyone in the organization is a brand ambassador to different degrees. When you consider that a brand ambassador in its simplest […]

Personal Branding for Your Career Life Cycle

Personal Branding Can Significantly Impact Your Career   Understanding Your Career Life Cycle Many have never given considerable thought to proactively managing their personal brand or their career life cycle.  This is surprising, given that understanding both can significantly impact your career and your earnings.  When you understand personal branding basics and your career life […]

Hiring Veterans for Tech Jobs

Hiring Veterans   Unemployment numbers are down, but there are 220,000 military veterans who are still looking for work. Though these vets are having a tough time finding jobs, they’re actually well equipped to work in the tech sector — many vets are skilled in computer security, SQL and troubleshooting, which are good reasons for […]

Goal Setting for Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership Can Use Goal Setting for Organizational Results and  Career Progression    While many very successful executives never formally put their goals in writing they do decide what their goals are and determine how they’ll go about achieving them. Goal setting for executive leadership may be common practice in many organizations.  For those in […]

Looking for Work? Manage Your Stress

Looking for Work? Better Manage Your Stress If You Want to Successfully Manage a Career Change   Changing careers can be extremely stressful especially if you hadn’t planned to change careers or jobs but instead the change was necessary due to job elimination or another circumstance. If you are looking for work you should manage […]

Leadership and Employee Performance

Leadership and Managing Employee Performance Through Goal Setting   Even in the face of acceptable levels of organizational performance, many leaders fail to fully use goal setting to develop employees, realize significant efficiencies, and improved customer satisfaction.  Leadership and employee performance are more often than not directly related.  This is great news because everyone can […]

Your Leadership Skills and Your Career

Leadership Skills and Career Progression   Historically the significance of leadership and goal setting have been substantiated through the work of management scholars and industrial and organizational psychologists. Not only do leadership skills and your career progression relate, they impact employees and organizations. The association of leadership and effective goal setting and realization offers insight […]

Organizational Goal Setting

Management’s ability to establish and monitor goals directly correlates to the level of success realized by the organization. Numerous factors influence management’s ability to successfully manage this responsibility. For maximum effectiveness management must be adequately trained in goal setting and understand the process, extenuating variables, employee motivators, and factors that can serve as supporters or […]

Networking is Essential

Networking is Essential for Professionals   While most positions require networking to a certain degree, only some individuals seem to naturally gravitate to networking and joyfully attend numerous functions. Considering that networking is vital to your career you may want to embrace networking and socializing for your success. You will most likely network throughout your career so […]

Online Personal Branding in 4 STEPS

Online Personal Branding   In a very short amount of time and with very little financial investment you can expand your reach using the Internet to establish your brand online.  You can establish an online presence in four cost effective steps and use these as a foundation for your broader, more comprehensive personal branding strategy.  […]