Brand Ambassadors are a Win-Win

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Brand Ambassadors:  Good for Individuals and Organizations


Traditionally brand ambassadors were thought to be sales or marketing representatives. With the ever increasing attention on branding, organizations are discovering the value of recognizing that everyone in the organization is a brand ambassador to different degrees. When you consider that a brand ambassador in its simplest context is someone who represents their organization in a very direct way, anyone can and should be a proactive brand ambassador.

Being a proactive brand ambassador for your organization can be a win/win situation—the organization benefits from your interactions with others and you benefit from your organization appreciating your understanding and willingness to serve in such a capacity. Being a brand ambassador can be quite simple—know your organization and be willing to emphasize its strengths and answer questions.

Brand ambassador basics:

1. Everyone in the organization can be a brand ambassador regardless of their formal role

2. Be certain that you understand your organization’s vision, mission, values and goals

3. A brand ambassador is someone who demonstrates knowledge of their organization and communicates its strengths

4. You are a brand ambassador internally and externally every time you interact with anyone

To be a proactive brand ambassador, learn about your organization’s goals, strengths, and vulnerabilities. Seek opportunities to stay current regarding your organization’s strategic initiatives and understand the competition. Learn how best to communicate about your organization. Consistent messaging is important. Understand what resources are available. Your organization may provide basic fact sheets, brochures, or presentations that you can use in your communications with others and help you be an effective brand ambassador.

Loyal, engaged brand ambassadors can contribute to an organization’s stability, growth, and longevity by:

  • Serving as an additional channel of communication
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Establishing new relationships
  • Preventing the loss of customers
  • Saving time and money

 Brand Ambassadors Stand Out Among Peers

Being unique can help employees stand out professionally from their peers.  This is important whether they are employed or seeking employment.  Serving as a brand ambassador for an organization whether or not employees are formally responsible for doing so can positively impact their careers.  While many employees are formally responsible for being brand ambassadors, often business development professionals and product or service representatives, others without such formal responsibilities may be quite effective serving as brand ambassadors.   For individuals interested in changing careers having served effectively as a brand ambassador and being able to articulate their role and its impact, can help distinguish them from their peers.


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