Networking is Essential

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Networking is Essential for Professionals


While most positions require networking to a certain degree, only some individuals seem to naturally gravitate to networking and joyfully attend numerous functions. Considering that networking is vital to your career you may want to embrace networking and socializing for your success. You will most likely network throughout your career so be prepared to use these opportunities to your advantage and:

Understand the event

o Know the purpose of the event

o Identify if you can contribute to the event’s success

Profile the attendees, if possible

o Leverage any similarities, common interests, or goals with others

o Learn if attendees can connect you to others that you’ve been targeting

Use professional norms while fulfilling your goals

o Connect with various individuals

o Be memorable and add value; and

o Learn about others and offer assistance when possible.

Networking will be more appealing if you’re prepared, attempt to help others, and use such opportunities to further your goals. After events measure your results against your goals and be certain to follow-up with new contacts to strengthen relationships.


Photo by Thomas Hawk, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.


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