Goal Setting for Executive Leadership

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Executive Leadership Can Use Goal Setting for Organizational Results and  Career Progression 


While many very successful executives never formally put their goals in writing they do decide what their goals are and determine how they’ll go about achieving them. Goal setting for executive leadership may be common practice in many organizations.  For those in which it isn’t, executives can be proactive in setting and realizing goals.  This approach may work well for some but others may appreciate the value associated with establishing goals using the SMART goal setting method. Today’s savvy executives acknowledge the current rivalry for employment and may elect to use a more intensified method of goal setting—the SMARTER goal setting method.  Many have figured out that relationships are key to their success and naturally weave them throughout all professional goals.

Goal setting using the SMARTER method can surpass the impact typically realized using the traditional method due to an emphasis on multiplying the effort expended combined with a focus on relationshipsno longer is simply going from point A to point B the keyhow one goes about getting to point B can be the difference in impact and in time and money saved. Within a career management context, the effort expended involves setting goals that not only improve deficiencies but also that leverage strengths. The effort-based component of the SMARTER goal setting method involves an emphasis on the time/money/energy invested to maximize the impact of realizing the goal. A relationship-focus is important in maximizing the impact of career management goals. In person networking and expanded networking using social media to broaden and enrich networks prove significant in communicating your compelling value proposition.  While goal setting for executive leadership may be formal or informal–it’s likely that it’s occurring constantly.

Consider updating your goals today.

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