Personal Branding for Your Career Life Cycle

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Personal Branding Can Significantly Impact Your Career


Understanding Your Career Life Cycle

Many have never given considerable thought to proactively managing their personal brand or their career life cycle.  This is surprising, given that understanding both can significantly impact your career and your earnings.  When you understand personal branding basics and your career life cycle you can begin to take action now that can compound over time, greatly increasing the odds of your success.

We are ever more mindful of current unemployment statistics, industries in decline, and the competition to get noticed by recruiters and potential employers. Managing your brand can help position you to be more memorable and relevant within the market. To understand yourself as a brand, reflect upon your values, interests, and skills. Next, identify which qualities and skills you possess that can be used to represent your brand. For example, if you are known for being a proactive team player who is persistent and works with integrity, you may want to consider the ways in which you can associate these attributes with your brand. You can use your brand attributes to create your compelling value proposition and biography. Recognizing your brand attributes can also prove useful during networking and interviewing.

Developing key talking points that reflect your brand attributes will be beneficial to ensure you get the most payback from your investment in your overall branding efforts. Using consistent messaging also helps reinforce your value and potential to your target audience. Identifying your brand attributes and target audience provide the foundation to next step which involves selecting the methods you’ll use to communicate your message. Where you are within your career life cycle will influence the strategies you use to create your personal brand development plan. Consider where you are in the Personal Brand Life Cycle Strategies.


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