Telling the Story of Your Personal Brand

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Are You Telling the Story of Your Personal Brand?


Your story and telling the story of your personal brand is powerful.  Consider how often job seekers attempt to match their experience, skills, and abilities with the requirements in a vacancy announcement.  If you do this, do not think you are positioning yourself to stand out from the numerous cover letters and resumes received by recruiters.

What makes you unique attracts attention.

Being able to effectively communicate your compelling value proposition is critical.  This begins with understanding:

–     What about your history and professional performance make you unique?

–     What aspects of your professional history attest to your being uniquely qualified to do what you claim? Be prepared to prove it.

Your story is the foundation for developing your compelling value proposition which demonstrates how you are uniquely qualified.

Your Story Should Tell

–     How you are different;

–     How you add value;

–     How you arrived at where you are today (creating an emotional connection); and

–     Where you are going (describing your goals in a broad sense).

Invest in yourself and begin telling the story of your personal brand. If you do not, you are essentially missing opportunities to communicate how you can add value.



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