Is being exceptional really this simple?

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Could it really come down to effort? Yes, it’s really possible to realize the benefits of being an exceptional candidate or from doing a great job if you put forth the effort. Effort can help you stand out from your peers and other professionals whether you’re in a job or career that you want to keep or even if you’re searching for that next opportunity. In a recent issue of Inc., Jason Fried describes how effort impacts his hiring decisions. He speaks about what a job search shouldn’t look like and then describes why effort can make all of the difference.

Why not put forth the effort and be exceptional if it’s possible? If you’d like to elevate your performance and increase the opportunities you receive, begin by asking yourself:

If you’re currently employed

  • Can I demonstrate how I’ve taken the initiative during the past six months to add value beyond the scope of my job duties?
  • Can I quantify the effort I’m putting in?
  • Are the right people aware of my effort and results?

If you’re a job seeker or considering a career change

  • How am I communicating my value proposition to potential employers?
  • What am I doing to stand out from the crowd?
  • Am I telling my story in a way that connects with others?

If you can’t demonstrate how your efforts add value you may want to reflect upon your performance over the past several months, create a plan to improve and make others aware of the value you’re adding. Why not be exceptional and take action that positions you for success?


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