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Manage Your Career Before You Need To


For the majority of jobs it’s no longer realistic to believe that anyone will be in any one position for several years, let alone for the life of their career.  Yes, there are professions that are exceptions (physicians, attorneys, and others).  Work environments and the way in which we work and think about work are changing.  Career management is also changing.  Savvy professionals are realizing that they are responsible for their careers and professional development.  

Mergers and acquisitions are common.  Globalization and ever increasing levels of competition will continue to pressure organizations to discover new ways to maximize shareholder value.  These factors combine with our use of natural resources, technological advances, social demographics, and regulations that will impact organizations (e.g., social networking, information management, aging workforce, and insurance and benefits) in new ways.

The challenge for most professionals is that they are too focused on doing what needs done in the short term instead of discovering ways to manage their time and responsibilities so they can complete what needs done in the short term and take action toward realizing longer term career goals.

For many, career management” is an unfamiliar or unwelcome concept.  It’s often easier to “be too busy” or mistakenly believe that “the seminars I attended every year” are enough.  Yes, you may be busy and the seminars you attend may help your job performance but will your being too busy or your reliance on your current work related training efforts prepare you for what you may be doing in five or ten years?      


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