What Managing Without Guidance Costs Us

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Hiring, training and attrition can cost us a lot but managing without guidance costs us as well – much more than we might think:
First, it can cost us our jobs. We may think because we’ve acquired a certain level of experience and education that we’re somewhat insulated from cutbacks or outsourcing but that’s not everyone’s reality. Yes, some individuals, given the nature of their profession or their connections, can easily secure new positions. For the rest of us we cannot afford not to be prepared to perform at very high levels.

Second, it can cost us our retirement. Poor performance can result in lost opportunities and compensation. If we perform at substandard levels we are positioning ourselves to be paid less than what’s possible—essentially negatively impacting our standard of living for the rest of our lives.

Third, it can cost us our reputations. There’s no way substandard performance will help us develop and secure opportunities that position us to live up to our full potential. Making mistakes that cost organizations money or negatively impact morale or the organization’s brand can cost us our reputations. Reputations are based upon trust—trust which is built over time. Our reputations are directly connected to recommendations and the opportunities we receive. When we damage our reputations, we decrease our earning power.

Fourth, it can cost us our peace of mind. The stress of trying to keep our jobs, take care of our families and to ensure we can have quality time with family and friends can keep us awake at night. When we manage without guidance we are risking our peace of mind because we know if we mismanage in even one area at work it could be enough to lose the company money or create unnecessary risk—either of which could cost us our jobs or negatively impact our earnings and opportunities.

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