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What are your credentials?

Now is the perfect time to reflect upon what you really value and position yourself for the job or career that enables you to live the life you want. This Job Search Quick Start Guide can help you as you undertake a job search. Remember, your job is only one component of your career and should be carefully considered as you participate in thorough career planning.

Identify your experience, education, training or special skills and the main contributors in each area associated with your success to date. For example, if your experience as a leader or team member in the military contributed to the success of vital missions consider including this as you assess your credentials. Similarly, if you received training specific to improving efficiency that resulted in reduced costs at your organization consider including this as you assess your credentials.

It will be beneficial to understand how you’ve either saved or made your organization money or contributed to the organization’s overall mission. This type of information can serve as key talking points and areas to emphasize as you develop a plan to prove that your experience, education, or training has positioned you to transition into a new role.  A job search quick start guide can positively impact your job search plans so start today and save yourself time and energy.


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