Own Your Development and Performance

Too often professionals rely on the advice of their management or human resources department in isolation to guide their professional development. While their feedback and guidance is very important to your performance at your present place of employment, if you rely on it in isolation you may be doing yourself a disservice. Management and human […]


4 Things I Wish I Knew About Self-Care Years Ago

Like many busy professionals, I spent the last 30 years primarily focused on full-time work and other obligations while only occasionally dedicating time to my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health simultaneously. My attention and efforts would go in bursts and were often related to what was going on in my life or what I […]

What’s Your Mission in Life?

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.” — Maya Angelou I’ve always been an admirer of Maya Angelou. I appreciate her wisdom and the way in which she captured meaning. The quote above is a favorite […]

Where Do You Fit into Your Priority List?

Work, errands, family activities, or community commitments … a regular day can be so hectic. It’s easy to end up tired and vulnerable to illness and fatigue—especially if we prioritize everything and everyone above our own basic self-care needs. I’ve been guilty of it too, trying to have everyone and everything taken care of before […]


Preparing for a Job Search (When You Aren’t Sure What You Want to Do)

To create a successful job search, you need a solid job search plan. Having an idea of what industry you want to work in or what organization you want to work for helps, but fear not if you’re plagued with uncertainty. The five steps below can help you gather the information you need to prepare […]


Leaders Need to be Adaptable

Historically the significance of leadership and goal setting have been substantiated through the work of management scholars and industrial and organizational psychologists. Your leadership skills impact employees and your organization and career. The association of leadership and effective goal setting and realization offers insight for organizations that seek to strengthen their financial position through improved […]

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Can Performance Evaluations Limit Development?

It Depends Performance management programs too often consist of independent activities that occur in isolation or with varying degrees of correlation (e.g., performance evaluations, workshops, conferences and other training and development activities). Performance appraisals, as a component of performance management programs, are generally created and given by supervisors with numerous factors influencing their development. First and […]


Getting a Job in an Industry with Minimal Experience

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash  One of the most challenging positions to be in as a professional is to want a job in an industry where you have little, if any, experience. Increasingly companies hire based upon potential and personality. Yes, competencies do matter but many companies are looking for cultural fit. They are often […]

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Manage Right, Right Now: Updating Your Goals

Periodically updating your goals is important to your team and direct reports as well as to the broader organization. Your role should involve a commitment to regular reviews of progress while using resources to empower employees to do their work. This also involves being prepared to forecast needed resources and re-allocate resources and staffing quickly […]


Manage Right, Right Now: Confirming Your Goals

When you assume your role as manager, you should confirm the goal setting process including the frequency in which annual goals need set for you and your team. Once your goals and those of your direct reports have been confirmed, you can prepare to work toward your goals while providing guidance and support for employees […]