Who is Your Hero in Your Workplace?

Most professionals don’t set out to be anyone’s hero. They just want to contribute, grow, and enjoy time with family and friends while having good pay and benefits. Some professionals seemingly want to experience advances in their careers, no matter the sacrifice. While others recognize the role of work and its’ contribution to their overall […]

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How to Leverage Career Planning for Success

4 Steps to Guide You Throughout Your Career Career planning is an activity every professional should participate in periodically throughout their working life. In addition to setting short and long-range goals, career planning can help you anticipate challenges you might encounter as you implement your plans. Creating career plans involves reflection and identifying what strengths […]

Making Wellness Stick

4 Elements of a Plan that Enable Progress  To embody wellness, you need a realistic approach. But the approach itself is not enough. For wellness to endure you must develop the habits to support your desired outcomes. Last year, a family medical emergency brought home the importance of wellness to me. We’d always been healthy, […]

How to Balance Goal Setting with Reality

We can often achieve our goals. But to take goal setting to another level, to achieve more challenging goals or more goals simultaneously, you need to approach goal setting differently. You need to balance goal setting with reality. And the reality that I’ve seen involves people pushing themselves harder and putting in more and more […]


Self-Care Mistakes Most People Make (& How to Avoid Them)

To truly benefit from self-care practices, you need understanding, motivation, and adaptability. But setting and achieving self-care goals can be challenging. Sometimes it seems as if everything else must have your attention and energy, often leaving you with little time or motivation to care for yourself. You know self-care is important, but the demands of […]

The Simplest Way to Navigate Through Unanticipated Change

Most people rely on the comfort of routine more than they appreciate the benefits associated with unanticipated change. In my experience, as both a manager and a coach, that’s been the reality. A few years ago, for example, one of my friends experienced a setback in his career progression. He had achieved the milestones his […]

Performance Management Fails, and What to Do About It

Managing the performance of others can be tough, but effective if done correctly. The problem is that not all managers know how to manage others correctly. You probably know of managers who dread giving performance evaluations, you may even dread them yourself. That’s when you hear the familiar phrases: “Just fill out the form and […]

3 Ways You Can Benefit from Working with a Life Coach

Most of us are extremely busy, and often our free time is planned in advance. The problem is that our busyness can interfere with actual progress toward our goals. On occasion, we plan our weeks so full with activities and tasks that they are impossible complete, let alone enjoy. And how we fill our weeks […]

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Too busy to set goals? You may want to make time.

Most of us go through our days quickly, filled with appointments and activities with little time for reflection. Life is hectic. We are busy. Sometimes we are over-committed, running behind and doing our best to keep up with the flurry of activity we’ve permitted into our lives. Sound familiar? What happens when you maintain such […]

Own Your Development and Performance

Too often professionals rely on the advice of their management or human resources department in isolation to guide their professional development. While their feedback and guidance is very important to your performance at your present place of employment, if you rely on it in isolation you may be doing yourself a disservice. Management and human […]