Are You Successful?

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You Define Success 


Many of us have been taught to believe it’s best for us to simply work hard, go to school, get a good job and raise a family. And for many, this is a most rewarding path to follow. Throughout our lives we may meet people who are quite passionate about what they do. You may know people who are widely successful and have fulfilling careers that provide a certain amount of financial security for their families. Perhaps you are one of these people. If you’re not, you may wonder how this seems to happen to some people and not others. While a lot can be said for being naturally talented, receiving a quality education, and other factors that impact opportunities, equally important is what we as individuals do to influence our careers.

We define what success means to us. For some, success may mean having a good job, being able to save for retirement, putting children through college, or taking a vacation every year. For others, success may involve climbing the corporate ladder, being promoted every few years, or being involved in community or charitable groups. Each of us has a choice, accept what happens in our careers or take actions that position us for success.

So are you happy with the path you’re on? Do you find your work fulfilling? Perhaps you’re content with the role you’re currently in but you’re terrified of losing your job given the current state of the economy. If you’re unfulfilled, anxious, or simply want to prepare yourself for the next career opportunity, I suggest you join me in a journey of exploration, discovery, and action. By focusing on your professional development and being able to communicate your value to others, you position yourself to be exceptional. Exceptional individuals attract attention and opportunities. It’s really quite simple. What do you have to lose?


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