Month: April 2014

OWN IT! Take Charge of Your Career

Have You Taken Charge of Your Career? Technology, globalization and the pace of change continue to be drivers for independent career management. Work environments and the way in which we work and think about work continue to change at an accelerated pace. Career management is also changing. Savvy professionals realize that they (not their employers) are […]

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Your Career If you’re not actively managing your career and reputation you may be missing out on opportunities and ultimately leaving money on the table. Personal branding, reputation management and self-marketing are terms used interchangeably to describe the concept of proactively communicating how you add value. Taking deliberate actions over time to develop your reputation […]

OWN IT! Take Charge of Your Career

OWN IT! Free Download

Download my new book for free… Effective career management is about owning your professional development for the life of your career, not just the job you’re in. Employment trends have accelerated during the past few years. Are you ready to survive and thrive in these new times?         Enter your name and […]