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Competitive Advantage

Brand Ambassadors Can Improve Engagement, Customer Service and Revenue

Understanding Brand Ambassadors Brand ambassadors represent organizations by sharing information about the organization and its’ products or services that informs or motivates customers. Most employees are brand ambassadors. Their effectiveness as brand ambassadors depends upon various factors including the organization. Many organizations fail to realize the asset their employees are in this context and opportunities […]

The Power of Stories

Customer Feedback and the Power of Stories   Smart organizations understand the power of stories and enlist brand ambassadors to help tell their stories.  Many times brand ambassadors literally deliver the first impressions of the organization.  Yes, impressions are created when potential customers visit an organization’s website for the first time but employees (brand ambassadors) […]

All Employees are Brand Ambassadors

Not Just Front Line Employees are Brand Ambassadors   All employees, whether or not they interact directly with customers as part of their daily duties, are brand ambassadors.  Managers, administrators, employees in leadership positions and other “behind the scenes” employees are all brand ambassadors whether or not they think of themselves in this way.    […]

Engage Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Employees are Brand Ambassadors   The phrase “brand ambassador” is no longer limited to individuals in official positions as company marketing representatives.  Everyone in the organization is a brand ambassador.  Effectiveness in this role depends on several factors, many of which can be influenced by the employer.  Employees throughout all levels can be excellent brand […]