Transitioning from Engineer to Manager E-book

You received the management position you sought, but it comes with a great deal of responsibility. Transitioning from an engineering role into engineering management can be complicated. What is expected of you daily has changed, and your responsibilities are completely different. You may feel the need to secure the support of others while you prove that you are capable in the new role. To potentially complicate the situation, you may now be supervising others who applied for the position you have been promoted into, leaving you feeling a bit stressed.

Perhaps most important is getting the people piece right. After all, it’s people who make decisions and do the work. To put it simply, if you fail to get the people piece right, you will never fulfill your potential as an engineering manager or the potential of your team. A solid approach to performance management provides a framework for learning and development, evaluates individuals fairly and accurately, and ensures you maintain the bench strength to accomplish goals. 

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