Strong Performance Management, LLC is a professional services firm. I work with performance-oriented individuals to help them make sound decisions and convert those decisions to actions that achieve change. I build and deliver customized solutions to fit your organization’s unique needs.

I advise leaders, managers and other professionals on their most important issues and opportunities including: change initiatives, strategy development, performance management, communications and marketing, advancement, partnerships, digital transformation (software implementations), and organizational development. I focus on goal clarity, strategy, and action plan execution while planning for and managing risk.

What Makes Strong Performance Management, LLC Different

  • My unique combination of strategic thinking with operational understanding: I care about your organization’s performance in the short-and-long-term.
  • My collaborative way of working with clients: I assess capabilities, provide solutions, and position your team for development throughout the engagement.
  • My mindset and focus on deliberate action: I embrace change, evaluate risk, and create unique solutions that often reject the status quo. I work with you to determine the best course of action given your goals and resources.  

Contact me to learn how your organization can benefit from my expertise.

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