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Delivering Customer Service Every Day

Customer Service is Everyone’s Job   In these times of heightened competition, incredible workloads, and increasing levels of stress, some individuals fail to consistently put the customer first even though customer service is everyone’s job.  Who has the time to reflect upon the basics that can help when delivering customer service?  Serving others is why […]

Increase Customer Loyalty

Brand Ambassadors Influence Customer Loyalty   A special type of engagement occurs when employees genuinely care about customers and go above and beyond for them whenever possible, even when doing so isn’t formally part of their job duties.  I consider this ‘stellar engagement’ because it elevates both customer and employee experiences.  When this occurs customers […]

Brand Ambassadors Contribute to Success

Brand Ambassadors Add Value   Loyal, engaged brand ambassadors can contribute to an organization’s stability, growth, and longevity by serving as an additional channel of communication; strengthening relationships; establishing new relationships; preventing the loss of customers; and by saving time and money.    Serving as an additional channel of communication Brand ambassadors tell an organization’s […]

Engage Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Employees are Brand Ambassadors   The phrase “brand ambassador” is no longer limited to individuals in official positions as company marketing representatives.  Everyone in the organization is a brand ambassador.  Effectiveness in this role depends on several factors, many of which can be influenced by the employer.  Employees throughout all levels can be excellent brand […]