Month: May 2013

Adapt Your Style for Improved Communication

Improved Communication   Improved communication can be the determining factor between success and failure.  Given the hectic pace at which we communicate and the tools we use, it’s no wonder busy professionals must make an effort take stay current with communication trends and balance them with professional expectations.  Your environment, culture, demographic, and a host […]

Low (and No) Cost Training and Development

Training and Development without Spending a Dime   Regardless of your circumstances you can decide to “own” your development.  Training and development doesn’t have to be costly.  Employer supported training and development is great but you can take action to supplement the developmental opportunities provided by your employer. To get started, reflect upon your goals […]

Reputable Adult Continuing Education Online

Adult Continuing Education Online Changes Lives   Having completed various adult continuing education programs online that enabled me to continue to work full-time while completing degree programs, I’ve come to appreciate the value of life-long learning and of appreciating my story.  Through my experience I’ve learned how powerful stories can be.  Stories connect and motivate […]

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