Adapt Your Style for Improved Communication

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Improved Communication


Improved communication can be the determining factor between success and failure.  Given the hectic pace at which we communicate and the tools we use, it’s no wonder busy professionals must make an effort take stay current with communication trends and balance them with professional expectations.  Your environment, culture, demographic, and a host of other dynamics all factor in to create communication norms for you.  Combine all of this with our individual preferences and we could end up frustrated or we could adapt our personal preferences and style and consider the professional expectations and the preferences of others for improved communication and relationships.

Adapting your preferences may be difficult but the sooner you become more flexible the more progress you’re likely to discover.  Improved communications begins with acknowledging your goals.  Are you trying to raise awareness, provide information, or persuade others?  We process information differently and at times struggle when information is presented in a way that contrasts with our preferred styles.  Understand your audience and how they prefer to communicate.  Depending upon your goals and circumstances, you may want to better understand where and when they prefer to communicate and if they use industry lingo that you could use to improve communications.

Improved communication can occur when you provide others with information of value in a format they prefer instead of in your preferred format.  This may sound so basic and it is but it’s also easily overlooked when we communicate from our perspective.  Effectiveness can be improved when you make the effort to learn and adapt.  Given that we are customers of one another we may improve our relationships if we keep that in mind during our communications.  Make adaptability part of the customer service you provide and see if you notice improved communication.


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