Do you have a values-driven career?

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Our Values Motivate Our Decisions

Perhaps your work environment and current role are in alignment with your values. Our professional lives become a significant part of the impact we make and what we are remembered for. Do you have a values-driven career? Many of us go through various exercises throughout our careers to discover what we’re drawn to and what we’re good at. The process of knowing ourselves begins with understanding what positions us to be the most content and productive. A few common useful definitions:

  • Values define what is valid and important to us in life;
  • Passions excite and fulfill us;
  • Knowledge is a body of information that is acquired over time;
  • Skills are what we can do; and
  • Abilities are special talents or personal qualities that impact our performance.

Values are principles that motivate our decisions. Understanding our values helps us focus on career objectives that we find fulfilling. When we are in positions that align with our values we are typically more content, productive and fulfilled. When this happens it can be a win-win for both employees and organizations. It’s important that you are aware of your values in relation to your ideal job or career. Your values and the extent to which your professional role is in alignment with your values impacts what you will be remembered for. So what do you value? Is your professional role in alignment with your values? Is it time to search for a position in which your role and work environment are in better alignment with your values? Identify your career related values using the exercise located here.

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