Who Else Wants a Job They Love? Use Your Strengths at Work

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Using Your Strengths at Work

Using Your Strengths at Work According to Gallup, 70% of U.S. employees are not engaged at work. It’s difficult to be engaged and love your job if you aren’t able to use your strengths or tap into your interests. Yes, there are people who just want a job that meets their most basic of needs or preferences and aren’t concerned with thriving at work. Sometimes it’s about the pay or benefits, or both that come with employment.

There are professionals who want to enjoy going to work and be able to contribute at high levels while experiencing progression in their careers.

Constraints That Prevent Professionals from Thriving

Inexperienced leadership or a lack of opportunity or preparedness can be factors that prevent professionals from fully thriving in their roles or loving their jobs.

Understanding Your Strengths

If you can relate, the solution may be in reviewing your circumstances and what’s holding you back from loving your work. Step back from the day-to-day routine and activities and make time for reflection and planning. First, you need to understand your strengths. Numerous assessments are available at low or no cost to help you including the VIA Survey, StrengthsFinder or the DISC Profile.

Assessing Your Circumstances

Once you understand your strengths, think about your work and identify what approximate percentage of your time is spent using your strengths. If you discover a complete mismatch between your strengths and interests with your job, consider the constraints that you are letting keep you from switching positions to one that more closely aligns with your gifts and potential.

Increasing the Amount of Time You are Using Your Strengths

If you determine that you will not pursue switching jobs, decide what you can do to improve the percentage of time that you’re using your strengths. Identify ways to tap into your strengths and interests more and partner with your leadership to gather their input. Perhaps they will work with you to implement changes or position you for future opportunities. If not, consider volunteering or pursuing hobbies or other outlets where you can use your gifts to experience doing work and activities that better align with your strengths.

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