Use Perseverance to Create the Life You Want

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perseverance Life can bring us tremendous joy and satisfaction. It can also bring us the most daunting challenges—some of which we wonder how we’ll make it through. When it comes to the deliberate pursuit of goals, everyone has a different approach. The approach you will take in pursuit of your goals can impact the success you realize as well as how motivated you are to try to achieve additional goals. In most circumstances, five key aspects can position you to realize your goals.

Be absolutely clear about the goals

When you are specific about your goals, you bring the level of focus needed to inspire yourself. When you think about your goals with clarity and in detail, you can imagine actually realizing the goal. Thoughts of realization, or the practice of visualization, can trigger powerful emotions that motivate you to take action.

Change your habits to support your goals

One of the first and best ways to position yourself to actually achieve your goals involves deciding what you must change to achieve them. Once you’ve decided, you must commit to and actually make the changes. This is easier if you understand why you really want to make the changes. Understanding our motivations can help us actually change our behavior.

Let’s say for example, you want to switch jobs and move into a position in public relations. You appreciate the field, have studied course work in this area but have minimal experience. Your goal is to work in public relations for your local Chamber of Commerce. You decide that you will participate in networking activities to grow your network and position yourself as an obvious choice for a public relations vacancy.

Your motivation involves continuing in your mother’s footsteps since she has been a well-respected public relations professional in the community. Now that you’ve decided what you want and why you want it, you are ready to decide what you must change and then make the changes.

Continuing with this hypothetical example, you typically go to the gym every evening after work. To achieve your goal, you need to attend networking events weekly so you must change your behavior and adapt your workout routine to support your new goal. This may seem obvious, but many fail to acknowledge the need to change to realize their goals.

Anticipate obstacles and be prepared to navigate around them

Obstacles can discourage and even derail the most optimistic professional from achieving goals. This can be particularly true if you fail to anticipate setbacks. Understand that you may need to modify your plans in the near term to achieve your longer-term goals. Be flexible and maintain an attitude of willingness to adapt your plans and behavior as needed to stay on track.

Take consistent action and be intense when it’s warranted  

Sacrifice when needed and do the work to achieve your goals. This may be more difficult at certain times than others. You may need to go without sleep, comfort or even material possessions. You must be willing and prepared to do the work even when it’s challenging.

Persevere through challenges

Your days may not be without some type of challenge. You may attempt to further your goals only to receive disappointing news or need to redo some of your work. Keep trying! Continue to take action daily to achieve your goals.

“I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right.”  Albert Einstein

The rewards of this approach can be tremendous! By using it, you position yourself to achieve your goals while becoming a person with the habits, discipline and drive to realize your dreams.

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