Understanding Your Passion

Posted on: March 11, 2012, by :

Passion is Key to Performance and Happiness


So how do you begin to understand your passion?  Start with answering a few questions.  What lights your fire? What do you or would you do for free if possible? Few people really flourish in environments that prevent them from being passionate about their work. Many people require little opportunity to truly express passion about their work. They can be very effective having simply recognized that the position they’re in meets their basic needs. Other very passionate people may lack a work environment that fully utilizes their passion.  They may find other outlets such as volunteerism or hobbies to express their passions. John Hagel recently pointed out that we can experience pressure as stress or pressure as excitement depending upon whether or not we are passionate about what we’re doing. Increased levels of performance and job satisfaction occur when you are in a position that enables you to be passionate about what you’re doing. Understanding your passion and identifying the right work environment can impact your happiness.




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