Understanding Brand Ambassadors

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All Employees are Brand Ambassadors


Brand ambassadors represent organizations by sharing information about the organization and its products or services that informs or motivates customers. Odds are that most employees could be considered brand ambassadors. How effective they are at representing the organization depends on various factors, many of which are influenced by the organization. Many organizations fail to realize the asset their employees are in this regard and opportunities to strengthen brands and engage employees are missed.

Employees interact with customers, potential customers, and others who share information via word of mouth both in person and online. Recommendations hold tremendous value for someone seeking validation before investing in a product or service given that people have a tendency to trust someone they know before they will trust an ad or commercial.

More often than not we think of paid spokespeople or models when we think of brand ambassadors. Today more organizations are beginning to recognize employees and supporters as brand ambassadors and they are beginning to work together to add value to organizations and be a source of competitive advantage. 



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