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According to a 2011 Jobvite survey 93% of recruiters used LinkedIn to find qualified candidates, up from 87% last year.  Recruiters are using LinkedIn to locate both active and passive candidates.

LinkedIn provides a platform where you can showcase samples of your work and expertise.  In addition to maintaining current information on LinkedIn you may decide to increase your visibility by participating in groups and by asking and answering questions.  Understanding where recruiters are locating candidates can help you position yourself to be at the right place at the right time.


Did You Know?

While we continue to see an increase in job seekers using LinkedIn, what is more interesting are the increases that we are seeing in individuals using Facebook and Twitter to find jobs.

From this same 2011 Jobvite survey, job seekers reported that they are beginning to change their online visibility with work in mind resulting in a 19% increase in individuals using Facebook and 9% increase in the use of Twitter for job searches.

*LinkedIn’s membership has grown from two million in 2004 to over 135 million in 2011.

*According to a Pew International poll, over 80% of individuals research the products and services they buy online before they buy them.

*In 2011, the FTC approved social media content as a legal basis for rejection of job candidates.




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