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Manage Right, Right Now: Collaborators, Supporters and Detractors

Each professional experience offers us opportunities to connect, learn or support others. The extent to which we do any of these depends upon us. The nature of work brings professionals together who are at various stages of their development and career progression. Mentoring, teamwork and enhanced levels of collegiality can all occur. When they do, […]

own your development

Manage Right, Right Now: Own Your Development and Performance

Too often professionals rely on the advice of their management or human resources department in isolation to guide their professional development. While their feedback and guidance is very important to your performance at your present place of employment, if you rely on it in isolation you may be doing yourself a disservice. Management and human resource professionals often provide guidance […]

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Manage Right, Right Now: Aligning Learning Opportunities with Expectations

Managers mainly assign work based upon position requirements. In many cases this can be effective; however, performance can be elevated when managers attempt to tap into employee strengths and interests. Focusing on strengths can be powerful but it can prove disastrous if done in isolation without consideration of organizational goals. To prevent this from occurring, […]

employee strengths

Manage Right, Right Now: Employee Strengths, Goals and Challenges

  Individuals are typically more productive and content when their strengths, interests and goals are in alignment with their work. Learn as much as you can about these aspects for each of your employees and align their responsibilities when possible. Doing so enables you to tap into higher levels of performance and contentment. Challenges may […]

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Manage Right, Right Now: Focus on Communication

The most effective managers use proactive communication to their advantage. They recognize that they must take the initiative and set the tone for performance, team building and change. This involves working to proactively to communicate with leadership as well as sharing information with employees. You may need to disregard personal communication preferences to realize success […]

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Manage Right, Right Now: Gaining Goal Clarity

During the interview process you should have gained clarity about the goals and expectations for your position. Within the first few days in your new role, re-confirm the expectations for you and your team. Ask questions and understand what resources are available that you can leverage as well as any challenges that you should anticipate. […]


Manage Right, Right Now: Your Supervisor’s Style and Preferences

  Your supervisor’s style and preferences for communication, meetings, decision-making and getting work accomplished will impact your work. Understand their preferences and adapt yours when possible to align yourself and your team for high levels of efficiency and productivity. Styles and preferences vary widely and you may discover that the way you prefer to work […]

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New Managers: Get Up to Speed Quickly

Starting as a manager with a new organization can be overwhelming or stressful at the least, even for the most seasoned manager. A new supervisor and expectations can also be sources of pressure for new managers. Many managers tend to rely on their experience, education and other credentials or recommendations to support them in their […]

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Two Ways New Managers Can Gain Employee Confidence Quickly

New Managers Can Gain Employee Confidence Quickly Using Planned Communications Employee performance, operations and leadership expectations are only a few aspects new managers must understand and be prepared to handle. Daily activities, learning about organizational history and being able to address short term problems while planning for the future contribute to the pressures new managers […]

Goal Setting Basics for Managers

  Positioning Employees for Success with Goal Setting Understanding how to set goals can position you and your team for success. Effective goal setting begins with understanding and using a few goal setting basics, including common terminology. For example, you could set goals for your employees but without providing them with objectives to be met […]