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Surely you’re not searching for a Job without a Networking Plan

Planning to Network: A Foundation for Success Given that jobs are in ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ markets it’s best to ensure you know how to access both if you are searching for a new career begin with a networking plan.  The visible job market can be found online, in newspapers, job boards, company websites, advertisements, etc. […]

The Problem with Your Job Search and How To (Potentially) Solve It

Your Job Search Job searches can take more time than we prefer or can afford at times.  Finding a new job can seem to take an eternity if you’ve lost your job and need to be employed now.  Depending upon the conditions in which you became unemployed, you may have received a severance package or […]

The Job Search: What I Learned

Perspectives from Dick McCracken Allow me to briefly introduce myself.  I am recently retired from the nationally ranked Kelley School of Business, Indiana University-Bloomington, where I was charged with supporting the job search of top-tier, rising MBAs who had quit good jobs to recharge/advance their careers through challenging graduate education.  Before that I had 30 […]

Planning for a New Career

A New Career Begins with Understanding Your Needs/Preferences The amount of self reflection that will be useful to you will depend upon your circumstances and the progress you’ve made in the process of planning for a new career or job search.  The purpose of this exercise is to encourage a review of the attributes of […]

Start-ups and Job Seekers Use Technology to Add Value

Q & A with Chris Russell, CEO of CareerCloud, LLC I’m excited to share a snapshot of my recent Q & A with Chris Russell, CEO of CareerCloud, LLC, with you.  What’s exciting for me is the opportunity to highlight the creative ways in which technology based start-ups are discovering new ways to add value […]

Professionals and Career Management

Manage Your Career Before You Need To   For the majority of jobs it’s no longer realistic to believe that anyone will be in any one position for several years, let alone for the life of their career.  Yes, there are professions that are exceptions (physicians, attorneys, and others).  Work environments and the way in […]

Social Media and Your Job Search

Your Job Search   Social media is powerful and is fast becoming the norm for many organizations and individuals.  Social media is important in your job search.  It possesses great promise for those who use it to truly engage with others.  Social media provides a platform to express uniqueness and expand reach broadly and quickly.  […]

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Transitioning to a New Career with Limited Experience

Transitioning to a New Career    Transitioning to a new career can be challenging.  Your approach impacts your success and level of frustration.  Increased competition for positions has become more of a norm due to the continued state of the economy and the employment situation.  Individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, or those simply looking for […]

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Understand Your Skills

Skills are the Foundation for Career Transitions   Successful career transitions are impacted by how well you understand your skills.  By definition skills are competencies which are transferable to several work settings. Richard Nelson Bolles does an excellent job in “What Color is Your Parachute” of providing a comprehensive framework for evaluating your skills.  By […]

Hiring Veterans for Tech Jobs

Hiring Veterans   Unemployment numbers are down, but there are 220,000 military veterans who are still looking for work. Though these vets are having a tough time finding jobs, they’re actually well equipped to work in the tech sector — many vets are skilled in computer security, SQL and troubleshooting, which are good reasons for […]