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Managing Operations

New Manager’s Success Plan: Managing Operations Managing operations requires strategic and tactical skills. Many managerial decisions cannot be made in isolation. As a manager, you need to be able to think “big picture” but yet implement on a tactical level. This requires the ability to understand your organization, its position in the marketplace and which […]


Managers Set Goals to Get Results

Setting Clear, Transparent Goals According to Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte, there’s a new model for employee engagement. It involves five elements that drive engagement. One of which is my focus today, hands-on management and the setting of clear transparent goals. Many in management first learn to set goals once they are […]

Overcoming Obstacles

We had the honor of meeting Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills and attending a screening of Running Brave, a film about his life, this weekend. Billy’s story is unique—he overcame tremendous obstacles to achieve his goal of winning in the Olympics. “A member of the Oglala Sioux tribe, Mills was brought up in impoverished circumstances […]


A New Manager’s 90-Day Success Plan

Learn to Be a High Performing Manager You can maximize your performance as a new manager by using an action plan to guide your first 90-days in your new role. Remember that you’ll need to adapt your plans as you engage with others and learn more about the organization, leadership, and staff. Understand your short […]

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Do you have a values-driven career?

Our Values Motivate Our Decisions Perhaps your work environment and current role are in alignment with your values. Our professional lives become a significant part of the impact we make and what we are remembered for. Do you have a values-driven career? Many of us go through various exercises throughout our careers to discover what […]


Are You Ready for Career Success this Year?

Position Yourself for Career Success What exciting times! A New Year and new opportunities are everywhere. What approach are you taking for making progress this year? Continuing along the same path you’ve been on? Things may be working for you quite well with your current approach. That’s great if that’s the case. If not, you […]

You are Responsible for Your Career, Own Your Professional Development

Own Your Professional Development   Too often professionals rely on the advice of their management or human resources departments in isolation to guide their professional development.  While I agree their feedback and guidance is very important to your performance at your present place of employment, if you rely on it in isolation you may be […]

Develop Your Career by Staying Focused

Can You Help Develop Your Career by Staying Focused?   What have you done lately to help develop your career by staying focused?  It was while watching a great blue heron during a beautiful Captiva Island sunset that I realized how similar we are—that heron and me.  The heron was doing his job.  He moved […]

Goal Setting for Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership Can Use Goal Setting for Organizational Results and  Career Progression    While many very successful executives never formally put their goals in writing they do decide what their goals are and determine how they’ll go about achieving them. Goal setting for executive leadership may be common practice in many organizations.  For those in […]