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Be a Brand Ambassador

Want to Improve Your Career? Be a Brand Ambassador   As a brand ambassador your network will develop naturally and connect you with others, positioning you as a source of information and as a connection to your organization.  When you decide to be a brand ambassador, you may continue to strengthen relationships beneficial to you […]

Engage Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Employees are Brand Ambassadors   The phrase “brand ambassador” is no longer limited to individuals in official positions as company marketing representatives.  Everyone in the organization is a brand ambassador.  Effectiveness in this role depends on several factors, many of which can be influenced by the employer.  Employees throughout all levels can be excellent brand […]

Brand Ambassadors are a Win-Win

Brand Ambassadors:  Good for Individuals and Organizations   Traditionally brand ambassadors were thought to be sales or marketing representatives. With the ever increasing attention on branding, organizations are discovering the value of recognizing that everyone in the organization is a brand ambassador to different degrees. When you consider that a brand ambassador in its simplest […]