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Q & A with Chris Russell, CEO of CareerCloud, LLC

I’m excited to share a snapshot of my recent Q & A with Chris Russell, CEO of CareerCloud, LLC, with you.  What’s exciting for me is the opportunity to highlight the creative ways in which technology based start-ups are discovering new ways to add value in the market.  Job seekers continue to benefit from the rapid response to their demand to connect with potential employers and “bridges” to employers – “bridges” being who you know that knows someone that can get you connected to the organization in which you seek to work, click here for additional info on “bridges”.

What is the value proposition for participants? 

“The value proposition is threefold. It gives any job seeker the ability to combine their Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections into a single database so you can see where everyone works. Secondly, displays open jobs at each of those companies (provided they are hiring) and thirdly, we feature a one click “Ask for Referral” button for each person in your network. So if you see a job that interests you, there’s an easy way to get referred into that company.”

Most people are concerned about time, money, and privacy.  Given that, how long does it take a typical user to sign up?  How much does it cost?  Where can we find your privacy policy? 

“It takes just five minutes to sync your accounts and to begin job searching with friends!  Everything is completely private (nothing is posted to your wall or network) and best of all it’s free.  There is no charge to use it and never will be. CareerCloud, LLC’s revenue model is supported by other products.”  Their privacy policy can be found in the footer of the website.  Click here for a link that describes “how to” use CareerCloud.

For an example of a social resume, click here.

Given that launched just a few months ago I’m unable to offer the numerous testimonials that I’d prefer to when mentioning a service on my blog.  However, this is one start-up I’ll be watching.  With no fees, an upfront privacy policy and the ability to cancel at any time without obligation, you may want to visit and determine if a trial is right for you.

For additional information, check out Chris’s interview with by clicking here.

Access the press release by clicking here.

“If I’m looking for a job, I’d rather start with a tool like this”, CareerCloud, LLC, CEO Chris Russell. “Being able to leverage one’s contacts is a much better way to look for work. Not only will it help you get hired faster but your friend will probably get a referral bonus from their employer. It’s a win-win.”


Chris Russell

CEO, CareerCloud LLC


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