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Breaking from Routine Can Be Good for Your Career

Routines serve to guide us by helping us make progress toward our goals and by providing organization to our lives. They can create a sense of stability which in turn enables us to relax and move confidently through our days as we complete various activities. Routines can also result in a sense of complacency even though they can enable progress and relaxation.



Breaking from your routine can positively impact your career. Improved creativity, self-management and adaptability are a few of the areas that can be positively affected when you break from your routine.

Your ability to relax and think differently can be enhanced by simply being temporarily relieved of some of your normal responsibilities. This is important to professionals given the increased focus on creativity as an ability that is highly sought after by employers. According to the IBM Global CEO Survey, 2010, creativity continues to grow in significance to employers particularly for professionals in leadership positions. While dated, this survey provides us with points still relevant today because the global economy is increasingly more complex and organizations seek leaders who “invite disruptive innovation, encourage others to drop outdated approaches and take balanced risks.” Breaking away from your routine can inspire creativity.

Proactive self-management is important to your personal and professional lives. You can benefit from being self-motivated and taking steps to stay well-rounded, inspired and in a constant state of development. Your daily responsibilities may prevent long term planning but breaking away from your routine can provide you with opportunities to reflect upon your goals and progress. The extent to which you manage yourself is evident to others including your employer and prospective employers. Proactively managing yourself can positively impact your career.

Organizations seek employees who adapt well to change. Adaptability is a crucial capability that can help you overcome challenges, manage stress and contribute at higher levels. You are positioning yourself for growth when you break away from your routine. With your routine temporarily on hold you have the opportunity to become more adaptive to circumstances, people and places. Your ability to be adaptable is evident in your decision-making, creative thinking and flexibility and each of these is important in both your personal and professional lives. Continue your professional development and consider breaking from your routine to improve your creativity, self-management and adaptability.

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