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For the Life of Your Career, Not Just the Job You’re In

What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is Your Reputation.  It is a combination of interactions and perceptions.  It involves every interaction others have with you and how they feel about you.  Every interaction people have with you is an opportunity to build or detract from your brand.  Personal branding is about trust and relationships.  There are many ways to build trust including being respectful, forgiving mistakes, and keeping confidences.  Equally important is following through with what you say you are going to do.   [Click Here to Read More …]


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Personal Branding for the Life of Your Career

Many have never given considerable thought to proactively managing their personal brand or their career life cycle.  This is surprising, given that understanding both can significantly impact your career and your earnings.  When you understand personal branding basics and your career life cycle you can begin to take action now that can compound over time, greatly increasing the odds of your success.

We are ever more mindful of current unemployment statistics, industries in decline, and the competition to get noticed by recruiters and potential employers. Managing your brand can help position you to be more memorable and relevant within the market. To understand yourself as a brand, reflect upon your values, interests, and skills. Next, identify which qualities and skills you possess that can be used to represent your brand. For example, if you are known for being a proactive team player who is persistent and works with integrity, you may want to consider the ways in which you can associate these attributes with your brand. You can use your brand attributes to create your compelling value proposition and biography. Recognizing your brand attributes can also prove useful during networking and interviewing.  [Click Here to Read More …]


Personal Branding and Perception

Personal branding is about perception.  Most of us have been leaders and follows with various opportunities to influence perception.  It’s always important to consider the perception of others.  Just because you understand your intentions and have a positive opinion about your performance – others may not agree with you.

Consider your involvement at work and in your local community.  Are you asked to lead or follow?  If you have ever been in a leadership position you have influenced perception with your leadership style.  Did you support others?  Communicate effectively?  Acknowledge others’ contributions?  Or could others have perceived you to be a bully, who didn’t share information or credit for the team’s achievements?  [Click Here to Read More …]


Your Brand Reputation

Are you known for consistently adding value?  Your personal brand is your brand reputation which develops from the interactions others have with you and their perception of you.  One way in which you can be known for adding value involves being an ambassador for an organization.  Within organizations brand ambassadors are typically known for being value-added.  Anyone can be a brand ambassador – there’s no need for formal training or to wait to be asked by management.  The ability to communicate effectively makes brand ambassadors valuable and highly sought after resources.  [Click Here to Read More …]


Personal Branding Begins with Knowing Yourself

Many of us go through the various exercises throughout our careers to “discover” what we’re drawn to and frankly, what we’re good at. Personal branding begins with knowing yourself. Knowing yourself begins with understanding what positions you to be the most content and productive. To better understand what matters to you and what you can use to your advantage in your job search consider that our:  [Click Here to Read More …]


Be Unique and Get the Job!

Have you considered personal branding for job seekers?  Does it help or hurt us when we attempt to “fit in” and obey the rules?  Now consider, what about you stands out and communicates your value in an obvious but not obnoxious wayBe Unique and Get the Job! is an excellent resource for job seekers.  While many use to search for positions, these same job seekers may overlook the ability to use to determine how many job seekers are located in the area in which they are interested and how these job seekers are presenting their qualifications.  This information is available by searching resumes on  [Click Here to Read More …]


Personal Branding and Your Job Search

Whether you realize it or not YOU are a brand and a range of aspects represent your brand and your job search. Your history, both personal and professional, should be leveraged to help tell your brand story. Consider how often job seekers attempt to match their experience, skills, and abilities with the requirements in a vacancy announcement. If you do this, do not think you are positioning yourself to stand out from the numerous cover letters and resumes received by recruiters. What makes you unique will most likely attract attention so it’s critical to be able to communicate through a variety of mediums your compelling value proposition.  Personal branding can positively impact your job search.  [Click Here to Read More …]


The Market Matters

According to a 2011 Jobvite survey 93% of recruiters used LinkedIn to find qualified candidates, up from 87% last year.  Recruiters are using LinkedIn to locate both active and passive candidates.

LinkedIn provides a platform where you can showcase samples of your work and expertise.  In addition to maintaining current information on LinkedIn you may decide to increase your visibility by participating in groups and by asking and answering questions.  Understanding where recruiters are locating candidates can help you position yourself to be at the right place at the right time.  [Click Here to Read More …]


The Executive Job Search and Your Brand Identity

High profile executives are realizing the value of personal branding to their executive job search.  The ways in which you express yourself and how you communicate impact your success in making emotional connections with others.  You send messages to others with the choices you make including everything from what you wear, the technology you use, and even with the company you keep.  How you present yourself matters.  Brand identity appeals to the senses.  Every interaction you have with others is an opportunity to build your brand by increasing familiarity and trust using your brand identity.  [Click Here to Read More …]


Social Media Must Be in Your Job Search Toolkit

If you are working to develop your personal brand and strengthen a job search, social media must be included in your job search toolkit.  Use technology to expand your reach and share your talents as broadly as possible. While a job search is a tremendous amount of pressure and work, you can decrease the pressure by working with what you have and use:  [Click Here to Read More …]


Telling the Story of Your Personal Brand

Your story and telling the story of your personal brand is powerful.  Consider how often job seekers attempt to match their experience, skills, and abilities with the requirements in a vacancy announcement.  If you do this, do not think you are positioning yourself to stand out from the numerous cover letters and resumes received by recruiters.  What makes you unique attracts attention.  Being able to effectively communicate your compelling value proposition is critical.  This begins with understanding:

–     What about your history and professional performance make you unique?

–     What aspects of your professional history attest to your being uniquely qualified to do what you claim? Be prepared to prove it.  [Click Here to Read More …]


Personal Branding for Leaders:  Perspective Taking Can Improve Your Effectiveness

Communication, productivity, or morale problems can be indicators that you may need to improve your leadership abilities.  So how do you determine the root of the problem and begin improving?  It depends but you can begin with understanding how others perceive you.  Regardless of your intentions, perception is realityPersonal brandingis the sum total of your reputation developed by the interactions others have with you and their perception of you.  Perspective taking involves acknowledging your sphere of influence including your customers or stakeholders.  Begin by:  [Click Here to Read More …]


Personal Branding Can Work When You Sustain Yourself

Many of us allow ourselves to feel pressure to constantly do more and more.  When we accept these pressures eventually they manifest into action or stress (or a combination of both), affecting us and our personal brand.  Sometimes the best thing to do is stop – yes, stop and reflect, recharge, and then restart.  This is easier said than done for most of us because it seems so counterproductive.  Think for a moment how you feel when you’re attempting to “do it all”.  Perhaps frazzled, exhausted, or even unhappy—any of which can impact your personal brand—the brand you are working to strengthen and communicate.

REFLECT, RECHARGE, and RESTART:  Three Steps to Improving your Attitude and Productivity

There’s truth to be found in old sayings such as “haste makes waste”.  Have you ever found yourself attempting to multitask at an unrealistic pace only to run into a roadblock or discover you’ve made a mistake?  Sometimes the best thing to do is stop and finish later.  [Click Here to Read More …]


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