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Personal Branding for Leaders:  Perspective Taking Can Improve Your Effectiveness

Communication, productivity, or morale problems can be indicators that you may need to improve your leadership abilities.  So how do you determine the root of the problem and begin improving?  It depends but you can begin with understanding how others perceive you.  Regardless of your intentions, perception is realityPersonal branding is the sum total of your reputation developed by the interactions others have with you and their perception of you.  Perspective taking involves acknowledging your sphere of influence including your customers or stakeholders.  Begin by:

– Understanding what value you have to offer each of these groups.

– Gathering feedback from those that are close to you.

– Gathering feedback from customers/stakeholders.

– Understanding the types of challenges you’re encountering.  In order to improve, you need to acknowledge and understand the types of challenges you face.  Have you had communication, productivity, or morale problems with your peers or employees?  Have you found yourself apologizing for miscommunications?  If so, it’s time to pause and appreciate the root of the problem – even if it’s you, this is the first step to improvement.

Whether you are a transactional or transformational leader, you can improve your leadership abilities and your personal brand, remember—your personal brand is your reputation which is the result of the interactions you have with others and their perceptions of you. 

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