Personal Branding and Perception

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Perception is Reality


Personal branding is about perception.  Most of us have been leaders and follows with various opportunities to influence perception.  It’s always important to consider the perception of others.  Just because you understand your intentions and have a positive opinion about your performance – others may not agree with you.

Consider your involvement at work and in your local community.  Are you asked to lead or follow?  If you have ever been in a leadership position you have influenced perception with your leadership style.  Did you support others?  Communicate effectively?  Acknowledge others’ contributions?  Or could others have perceived you to be a bully, who didn’t share information or credit for the team’s achievements?  If you have not been in a leadership position, that’s telling as well.  Either you have not been in a position where a leadership opportunity presented itself or you have not been asked to lead.  Perhaps you have been part of a team – think about how you acted within this setting.  Were you helpful?  Easy to get along with?  Did you add value?  Or were you difficult?  Someone who complained a lot and wasn’t perceived to be a contributor?

 Remember, it’s often been said that “Perception is Reality”.


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