Performance Management Fails, and What to Do About It

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performance management

Managing the performance of others can be tough, but effective if done correctly. The problem is that not all managers know how to manage others correctly. You probably know of managers who dread giving performance evaluations, you may even dread them yourself. That’s when you hear the familiar phrases: “Just fill out the form and have the conversation.” “It won’t be that bad, what could possibly happen?” “Talk about the categories on the form and it’ll be okay.”

What a sorry way to approach guiding and supporting those you’re responsible for. It need not be this way! There’s an easier way to ensure employees have the competencies and motivation to contribute to the organization’s goals. It’s actually so straight-forward that you may wonder why it’s not more common.

Here it is: When managing performance, from ensuring employees have the training they need to fostering commitment, engage them in frequent, meaningful conversations—conversations that include focusing on goals and the actions they take toward achieving them.

Hold on! I know that sounds too simple, but there’s a rationale behind it. And, yes it works. I’ve seen it numerous times, used by both seasoned and new managers.

I’m talking about incorporating coaching into performance management.

Coaching involves listening, asking critical questions, and encouraging others toward their goals.

Try it yourself, and you’ll find that employees are more engaged and committed to achieving goals. And who knows? You may actually look forward to performance related conversations.  

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