Manage Right, Right Now: Confirming Your Goals

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goalsWhen you assume your role as manager, you should confirm the goal setting process including the frequency in which annual goals need set for you and your team. Once your goals and those of your direct reports have been confirmed, you can prepare to work toward your goals while providing guidance and support for employees as they work toward achieving their goals. Calendar dates to ensure the process stays on track and meet with employees as needed to ensure they have the support they need throughout the year.

Reviewing Your Goals

As a manager, you should review your goals periodically to ensure they will be realized by or before established due dates. Keep track of progress in all areas and acknowledge challenges as they arise. A periodic look ahead can be helpful as you plan your upcoming work. You may need to work around the schedules of other managers, co-workers or employees so be prepared in advance with your planning so you can make constant progress among all of your goals. You should also be ready to report on the progress of your goals at any time. Keep in mind that you may need to share information about the progress of your direct reports so maintain easily accessible progress reports and understand the challenges and successes of your team.

Confirming Alignment

As you develop your goals ensure you have clarity about how they support the organization’s strategic plan. Be specific and correlate each of your goals with one or more goals in the strategic plan. Help your employees understand this process and work with them to ensure their goals are aligned with strategic plan goals as well.

Preparing for Goal Setting Meetings

Plan to meet with employees according to a set schedule to provide employees with the guidance they need but be sure your actions serve to empower and not micromanage them. You have a role in ensuring the environment exists in which they can be motivated and inspired to perform in ways to achieve goals. Review information from prior meetings before meeting with employees so you can be prepared to offer input as you discuss progress with them. Be sure that you understand any relationships among your employee’s goals and if opportunities exist for collaboration and working together in new ways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your goals should be aligned with organizational goals.
  • Goal setting meeting preparation can deepen your understanding of the connections among goals at various levels throughout the organization. It can also help you develop the right questions to ask during meetings with your supervisor and peers.

Try This:

  • Review your goals an identify supporting connections with broader organizational goals.
  • Draft a slide deck or other materials depicting your goals with connections to organizational goals.

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