Manage Right, Right Now: Collaborators, Supporters and Detractors

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Each professional experience offers us opportunities to connect, learn or support others. The extent to which we do any of these depends upon us. The nature of work brings professionals together who are at various stages of their development and career progression. Mentoring, teamwork and enhanced levels of collegiality can all occur. When they do, individuals develop and the depth of their contributions have the potential to increase.

Partner with Collaborators

In your newly assumed role as manager you are given the opportunity to develop new professional relationships. You are essentially given access to different professionals—access that you should take advantage of as opportunities to add value. Supporting others and adding value to their work is important. Professionals want to work with other professionals who are supportive and can be counted on as reliable contributors. Proactively seek partnerships with other professionals when you can contribute to their efforts or when they are willing to support yours.

Engage Your Supporters

Your role also positions you to work with others throughout the organization. This means you have opportunities to add value to others in different departments or units while also developing relationships with professionals who possess a wide variety of expertise. They also have the opportunity to get to know you, the work that you do and the work that you’re capable of. Consider each interaction with these individuals not only opportunities to add value to their efforts, but also opportunities to position yourself to engage with or be recommended by them in the future.

Offset Detractors

Unfortunately, you will encounter individuals who are not supportive of others and who seem determined to focus solely on their agendas to the detriment of others. Your interactions with others should be confident, supportive and focused on accomplishing shared and individual goals while expressing a collegiality and level of consistent professionalism. Demonstrating positive, professional behaviors lets others know what you value and what behavior is acceptable to you. Consistency of purpose and a willingness to help others impacts your reputation with your team and throughout the organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • You cannot maximize your effectiveness without others—you need others to learn from and to help you get work done.
  • Understand that you will encounter distractors during your career. Be prepared to deal with potential distractions and setbacks.

Try This:

  • Within your first 30 days, schedule to meet with your peers. Lunch or coffee meetings can be less formal but yet productive for learning about each other, the organization and how your work can support one another.

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