Investing in Brand Ambassador Programs

Posted on: December 27, 2012, by :

Why are brand ambassador programs not more common if they are so valuable to organizations?  The answer in part, may involve the economy.  Many organizations lack the funding to invest in new initiatives and training during economic downturns.  Organizational size, business strategy and at times, regulation, impact how resources are allocated.  Funding for operations and organizational sustainability are often priorities with funding for training, unless required for the performance of essential duties, is provided at a minimum.  Some organizations focus exclusively on short term profits at the expense of longer term gains due to attempting to maximize shareholder value in the short term.  In addition, during strained economic conditions training is often one of the first budget categories to be reduced, eliminated, or temporarily suspended.  Stable and often larger organizations are among those better positioned to lead with new initiatives that involve greater risk and investment.  While most organizations are exercising a great deal of caution due to economic conditions some organizations are discovering new ways to maximize their resources including creating partnerships and agreements to bolster productivity and grow market share.  Organizations can use minimal investment and shared resources to create brand ambassador programs that benefit both organizations and employees. 


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